Sunday, April 29, 2007

Why You Should Love Kumiko ?

I just got to know that Kumiko has got a Page Rank of 5 tho i predicted she will get Page Rank of 2 in the contest at Kumiko Cash Quest. Yea that means i didn't won the contest. But i'm still in profit, Now you must be wondering why i'm saying so ?
My Page Rank is still zero and i'm saying i'm in profit WTF ????
But Yea, i have the answer.

On April 04, 2007 when i checked my Technorati blog rank it was Rank: 1,899,203 (2 links from 2 blogs) but as soon as Kumiko linked to this blog the ranking boosted to Rank: 1,074,930 (6 links from 4 blogs)

You can see the difference. I got over 824273 in just few days. And that's why you should love Kumiko


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