Thursday, March 29, 2007

Light Halzen - Payment Proofs

Today i'm posting LightHalzen payment proof.
I have posted about LightHalzen before in my blog and if u want to more about Lighthalzen you can check this post.

Here's the payment proof.
Click on the image to enlarge.

Visit the blog daily to see more payment proofs.

Nuurl - URL Shortening Site Which Pays To Promote. is a URL shortening site enabling you to turn a long URL into a shorter new URL "nuURL". You can easily reduce the length of your URL by using this FREE service. You will also be able to track how many hits your receive to your URL as well as being able to edit it in the future if desired.

Why would I use
You would use to create a shorter URL, to track the hits to the URL, and to easily manage different campaigns. You also earn money by promoting your specialized link (if you decide to create an account).

Do I have to create an account to use this site?
No, you do not have to create an account. You may choose to create one if you would be interested in tracking hits to your nuURLs and getting paid to promote your specialized link.

Why is my nuURL marked as "deactivated"?
Deactivated nuURLs mean they are either going to a page that does not exist or going to an inappropriate page (sex, nudity, violence, gambling, etc.). Those types of sites are not allowed on

What is the minimum amount to cashout with?
The minimum amount to cashout is $0.01.

What methods of payment are available?
Cashouts are made to either PayPal or E-Gold (members choice).

How long do cashouts take to process?
It can take up to 1 week for your cashout to be processed. Typically, it will be completed within 24-48 hours.

This is a great, i know the admin and he is really honest and nice to the members. I will post the payment proof as soon as i got my first payment from this site.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Light Halzen : Profit Sharing With A Twist

Light Halzen In LightHalzen, you keep earning on your deposit till you reach 150%, because the funds never runs dry. This way the risk of losing out next to the fixed earnings/time span model is next to zero.
You may also refer new members and enjoy a 3% referral commission of your referrals total unit purchase.

Each unit is $1. You will keep earning the daily returns on each unit until you have earned 150% of the unit back.
So for every $1 unit you purchase, you will get back $1.50. You keep on earning daily until you reach 150%.
The daily returns will depend on the Daily LSP [Live Share Percentage] and your knight level.
The Daily LSP is calculated based on the amount of units purchased by each member every day and also from all banner impressions or advertisements sold.

This site is great i have done a test investment on this site.

I will post the payment proof s as fund strats to come.
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MakeThatDollar - Where people who like to earn income from home and advertisers searching for active audiences, come together to form a unique and powerful revenue generating network. Our members enjoy earning thousands monthly by completing fun offers and visiting exciting websites. Registration is free and everyone in the world is welcome to join and earn, even you!

Now let's talk about the benefits from this site :

Earn money through Paid to Sign up, Paid to Complete Offers, Paid Surveys, and Paid to Click. Refer friends and participate in monthly contests to earn even more.

• Free membership and no investment necessary to earn
• International members welcome
• Get Paid for completing various offers
• Get Paid for signing up to sites or registering to newsletters
• Get Paid for clicking on banners and text links within member's area
• Get Paid for completing online surveys
• Get Paid for winning monthly contests
• Get Paid to refer other active DollarMakers and Advertisers
• Earnings update in real time
• Simple and easy to use navigational interface
• Cash out to PayPal, e-Gold, Money Order, or Visa Gift Card

What are you for waiting for.
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Please-Invest - Variable Daily Returns

The name says it best; Please Invest. At Please Invest they keep it simple, they pay variable daily returns which are compounded onto your account balance. All accounts compound at 100% and you can withdraw a little or everything at any point. No questions asked. Their past performance can be found by clicking Payout History.

Benefits of Please Invest :

› Control of funds 24X7

› Fast support response

› Compounding available

› You don't ask questions and we won't either

Referral Program You will earn 5% of the daily profits of your referrals. With the free $2.50 investment getting referrals will be easier than ever.

Please Invest

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goldposter - Get Paid To Post

GoldPoster is the latest Paid To Post forum which offers 0.1$ per Thread & 0.05$ per Reply. There is also 0.20$ Bonus for every new referral that registers under you.

What is GoldPoster ?
- GoldPoster is the latest community where you will get paid for every post that you will make.

What are the rates ?
- You will get 0.1$ per thread and 0.05$ per reply ( Great Rates indeed)

What is the minimum payout ?
- You can withdraw your money once you have reached 10$ ( Which is reason and can be reach easily)
How can I request my payout ?
- After you have reached 10$ , simply donate your money to me ''0lgi'' and in the memo right your e-gold number

How long does it take to receive my money ?
- Normally payouts will be sent within 48 hours

Is there any referral comission ?
- Yes , you will get 0.2$ for every single referral in our community.

Well i know the admin and he has baid me in the past for posting at goldreferrals
I will post the payment proof as soon as i got paid.
So what are you waiting for ?

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Intoffers Payment Proof

Today i got paid by Intoffer.
You can find more info abt IntOffers in this post

Heres the screenshot of the payment

IntOffers Payment Proof


At IntOffers members will get the following benefits :

:: If you want to earn easy money every day by visiting webpages or, by signing up at websites, please register as a Member and you will be immediately on your way.
:: Easy 10 cent payout!
:: We have a DAILY payout! This means you will receive your payout within 24 hours if you hit the witdraw-button!
:: 3 referral levels - earn a commission from the earnings of members you refer:
-> level 1: 15%
-> level 2: 3%
-> level 3: 2%
:: Many potential earnings: lots of exclusive paid to signups and clicks!
:: Upgrade to premium membership and get FREE referrals, this way you will earn even more!
:: 10% discount off all advertising with premium membership.
:: We do NOT accept proxy users or users with more than 1 account.
:: We expect from you that you are able to understand basic english.


:: Registering as a Promotor you will be able to earn from all your referrals.
:: You will earn from your referrals 3 levels deep!
Level 1 : 15%,
Level 2 : 3%,
Level 3 : 2%.
:: A new refcontest every month, with over 75 dollar of prices.
:: With an upgraded membership you will also get FREE referrals that signup without downline.


Monday, March 12, 2007

What is E-gold

E-goldMany people still don't know what is E-Gold, this post will tell them what is E-gold and how does it works.
E-gold is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage.

Other e-metals are also issued: e-silver is 100% backed by silver, e-platinum is 100% backed by platinum, and e-palladium is 100% backed by palladium. However, the most popular e-metal is e-gold. E-gold is integrated into an account based payment system that empowers people to use gold as money. Specifically, the e-gold payment system enables people to Spend specified weights of gold to other e-gold accounts. Only the ownership changes - the gold in the treasury grade vault stays put.

Most of the people use E-gold because they gets the following benefits :
  • Immediate payment no waiting for checks to clear or credits to be made.

  • No chargebacks "Get paid, stay paid" unlike credit card payments.

  • Secure, user friendly access to your account.

  • Easy shopping cart interface anyone can accept e-gold on their web site.

  • Low fees lower than credit cards or competing payment services.

  • Refer accounts, make money using the e-gold Incentive program.

  • Buy or sell e-gold from/to the independent exchange service who best meets your needs.

  • Exchange provider guidelines start your own exchange business today.

  • Available Worldwide the world's first truly global payment option.

  • System announcements including upgrades, any scheduled downtime, and important events.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

My First Post

This is my first post on this blog and i will b posting more and more on this blog about how to make money online from tested and respected sites.
Here i will be listed sites and payment proofs from which i have earned and will let u earn.