Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pay-Ads Payment Proof

Hey I got something to show ya. And yes its about Pay-Ads. In my last post, i discussed about Pay-Ads and now i have come up with some payments proofs. They has paid me 9.97$ in total. I mostly earned from referring and here are some of the payments which i received from them.

I hope now you know why i posted about Pay-Ads on my blog. This is one of the best site i have came to know. And in the end i would like to say what i usually says in my posts. What Are You Waiting For. Click Here To Sign Up

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pay-Ads - Highest CPM Ever

For the past few weeks, i was search for a good and high paying site. And last week my search was ended when i get to know about Pay-Ads. Pay-Ads is a paid to promote site with a huge $3.5 CPM rate, Yea that's 3.5$ per 1000 impressions I know its a great CPM rate. So i registers and tried it out. And believe it, i really didn't expected to get paid on the first day of joining the site. They paid me 81 cents to my e-gold which was my first day's earning with them. I was so impressed so i referred one of my friend to Pay-ads and You won't believe it. He has been paid 86$ in a week from this site. Now lets take a close look at the sites key points.

  • Earn Up To $3.5 Per 1000 Times Valid Impression.
  • Accept International Members.
  • Counts Per IP Every 24 Hours.
  • No Minimum Payout.
  • Easy payments through PayPal,Egold.
  • 1 Referral Levels Of Commission Under You- Level 1 - 10%
  • Auto sends payment every day.
  • Accept Traffic From : Australia,Austria,Belgium,Canada,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Iceland,Italy,Netherlands,New Zealand,Norway,Portugal,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom and United States.

So What are you waiting for ???

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