Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blog Report

Hi everyone i'm not happy because this blog of mine is not getting visitors as of now but this blog is still new and fresh that's why i'm trying to make it popular. Today i added MyBlogLog widget which u can see on the right side of the blog and i hope it will help me to get some visitors. But still i have to wait and make quality content on my the blog.

Today i went to Technorati to check my blog ranking and i saw my blog improved a bit on the ranking Rank: 1,899,203 (2 links from 2 blogs) and i happy that time because yesterday there were 0 blogs linking to me.

Well that was it for today but if u got any suggestions to help me increase traffic to my blog. Do tell me by commenting on this post



AhBoon said...

HI Haroon, I am running a small contest like Kumiko. It would be great if you coild join.
i am sure you will get another link in the technorati. and who know you might be the winner!!

Earning Blog said...

Hi Ahboon,

I'm very happy that u are inviting me to the contest. And i'll give it a try for sure ;).