Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kumiko Cash Quest

Kumiko Suzuki Recently, while i was surfing on MyBlogLog I found a blog Kumiko's Cash Quest. Kumiko is the author of this blog and she lives in Tokyo, she is on a divine quest to make money online. As i started to read her blog I wished to have a blog like her. I loved some of her posts and learnt alot from her blog.

Kumiko is holding a contest right now to predict what her google page rank will be when the next update comes out so i though i should give it a try so here's my perdiction.

She has a very good blog indeed, her blog is over 4 months old now and according to google her blog is having 424 backlinks. I think she will get a PR of 2 ( I hope she get 4 tho ) in this update.

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