Monday, April 16, 2007

Free Money At Ahboon

After a break of about a weak, i'm back to update my blog with a few new posts and i'm writing this post about Ahboon.

The author of the blog writes about Funny, Weird and Interesting news around the world. But why i'm writing about the site ?
Well i have the answer, there is a contest going "Win $70 plus prizes by guessing AhBoon’s Traffic", bassically all you have to do is to write a review of Ahboon which contains a prediction of what the Ahboon's traffic (Page Views) would be for the month of April 2007. The review should be posted before 11:59pm 30 April 2007. If your prediction is correct or the closest one to the exact result, you win US$40 cash paid via PayPal; On top of that you will get a chance to write a post on Ahboon at any topic you like. Imagine you will have a good opportunity to promote your own site here; a highly visited site with more than 200k visitors per month.

After watching Ahboon's April's first week's traffic stat.

I decided to give it a try and i'm predicting the site will get about 295,500 page views during the month of April.

I hope i will win and get a chance to publish a post on Ahboon.

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