Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Light Halzen : Profit Sharing With A Twist

Light Halzen In LightHalzen, you keep earning on your deposit till you reach 150%, because the funds never runs dry. This way the risk of losing out next to the fixed earnings/time span model is next to zero.
You may also refer new members and enjoy a 3% referral commission of your referrals total unit purchase.

Each unit is $1. You will keep earning the daily returns on each unit until you have earned 150% of the unit back.
So for every $1 unit you purchase, you will get back $1.50. You keep on earning daily until you reach 150%.
The daily returns will depend on the Daily LSP [Live Share Percentage] and your knight level.
The Daily LSP is calculated based on the amount of units purchased by each member every day and also from all banner impressions or advertisements sold.

This site is great i have done a test investment on this site.

I will post the payment proof s as fund strats to come.
Join Now and watch your money grow.

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