Tuesday, March 13, 2007


At IntOffers members will get the following benefits :

:: If you want to earn easy money every day by visiting webpages or, by signing up at websites, please register as a Member and you will be immediately on your way.
:: Easy 10 cent payout!
:: We have a DAILY payout! This means you will receive your payout within 24 hours if you hit the witdraw-button!
:: 3 referral levels - earn a commission from the earnings of members you refer:
-> level 1: 15%
-> level 2: 3%
-> level 3: 2%
:: Many potential earnings: lots of exclusive paid to signups and clicks!
:: Upgrade to premium membership and get FREE referrals, this way you will earn even more!
:: 10% discount off all advertising with premium membership.
:: We do NOT accept proxy users or users with more than 1 account.
:: We expect from you that you are able to understand basic english.


:: Registering as a Promotor you will be able to earn from all your referrals.
:: You will earn from your referrals 3 levels deep!
Level 1 : 15%,
Level 2 : 3%,
Level 3 : 2%.
:: A new refcontest every month, with over 75 dollar of prices.
:: With an upgraded membership you will also get FREE referrals that signup without downline.


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