Tuesday, May 08, 2007

First Ever Cheque Received From Clickbooth

Clickbooth Paid Me.

cheque from Clickbooth

After along time, today i received the cheque from Clickbooth. And i'm really very very very exicted today bcoz this is the first ever cheque i have received from any where. And as i'm only 16 years old, it really feels gr8 to get a cheque in my name. And now i'm looking forward to buy domain and hosting. But for now, lets know more about Clickbooth.

Clickbooth is a Performance Based CPA (Cost Per Action) Network. The network is a division of IntegraClick, Inc. and based in Nokomis, Florida. The network was founded by John Lemp in September of 2002 who is also the current acting CEO of IntegraClick, Inc. ClickBooth is one of the best CPA networks on the Internet with highest payouts. They make sure that they have highest rates in the industry and i like them more then Commission Junction and Clickbooth is better then Commission Junction off course. You can make money online easily with Clickbooth because you get paid for every email or ZIP (post code/ pin code) submission. There are also paid survey and some dating program offers too. If you have a dating, they got campaigns for you. If you have a download site, they got campaigns for you. So everybody have a good chance to earn some good money with them. Payments are done by check or PAYPAL if u have earned $50 in a month. That's very straight forward.

If you have not signed up yet then what are you waiting for ???



matt608 said...

Congrats on the great earnings!

Haroon said...

Thanx Matt

Well this is the first cheque i have received in my life working.

I'm really very happy


Kumiko said...

Congratulations on your money making quest!


Haroon said...

Hey hi Kumiko

Thanx for coming to my blog and commenting here.

And i'm looking forward to work harder on the mission


Clickbooth said...

Keep on the good work :)