Thursday, May 17, 2007

Agloco Viewbar Released

Yes, that's true. The Agloco Viewbar is finally realse in beta version. Here's a video which shows how the original Agloco Viewbar looks like. Akshay Mavani the found of Agloco sent the beta Viewbar to John on May 14th. This video is made by the great John Chow.

The version John is using shows Google ads and Google is the default search engine too. The Viewbar not just makes money for you but it offer some useful tools too. It has a Google search box and it has a shortcut to all the favorites from Internet Explore and FireFox. Currently you can use the viewbar in two languages which are English and chinese. There are also quick link to the Windows calculator and calendar which make the viewbar more usefull. And i reall like to Thank John for showing us the viewbar.


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