Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Pay-Ads - Highest CPM Ever

For the past few weeks, i was search for a good and high paying site. And last week my search was ended when i get to know about Pay-Ads. Pay-Ads is a paid to promote site with a huge $3.5 CPM rate, Yea that's 3.5$ per 1000 impressions I know its a great CPM rate. So i registers and tried it out. And believe it, i really didn't expected to get paid on the first day of joining the site. They paid me 81 cents to my e-gold which was my first day's earning with them. I was so impressed so i referred one of my friend to Pay-ads and You won't believe it. He has been paid 86$ in a week from this site. Now lets take a close look at the sites key points.

  • Earn Up To $3.5 Per 1000 Times Valid Impression.
  • Accept International Members.
  • Counts Per IP Every 24 Hours.
  • No Minimum Payout.
  • Easy payments through PayPal,Egold.
  • 1 Referral Levels Of Commission Under You- Level 1 - 10%
  • Auto sends payment every day.
  • Accept Traffic From : Australia,Austria,Belgium,Canada,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Iceland,Italy,Netherlands,New Zealand,Norway,Portugal,Spain,Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom and United States.

So What are you waiting for ???

Click here and sign up now


Anonymous said...

Hi, ya the pay ads really work.
but for the bottom sign profit it don pay. I have try it for a year and they don pay us.

Please share your view in my blog too

Haroon said...

Thanx For commenting here about Pay-Ads.

And Sign-Profit has paid me many times. I have posted payments proofs on this blog

U can check them out too.


Public Educator said...

is pay-ads good? others are commenting it's dirty... doesn't work with google, etc

rajesh said...

i just signed up. hope it works.
rajesh n

gurcharan said...

hi your sign up link doesn't works even link shows a bride magazine website.

Anonymous said...

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bloomsoft18 said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm always a little wary to try out these ppc money making sites. I've heard so many stories, both good and bad, about them that I'm just not sure what to believe. hmmm it would be nice to make that extra money though

nitin kumar said...

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